Right now, it's just me. I'm a wife and mother with no noteworthy training or experience. But this project isn't about me. St. Catherine of Alexandria, for whom I obviously took my name, is the patron of this endeavor. I do not know why she choose me, but am grateful for her intervention.

Connecting those who have unique experiences and knowledge about the Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches--including their parishes, institutions, hierarchy, customs, calendars, saints, liturgy, theology, spirituality, art, music, history, struggles, feasts, cultures, and people--with those who are seeking that knowledge.

In an effort to keep me focused and let you know what to expect, I've written a preliminary outline for post topics for the blog. I won't cover all of these every week, at least not right away, but they do cover the breadth of topics I hope to represent. Please let me know if I'm missing anything or if it could be more efficient! I am setting a rough goal of weekly content by June 2011. We'll see if that's realistic in due time. Please pray for us!

Saintly Sundays: God's holy gifts for God's holy people!

-Highlight saints, feasts, and liturgical seasons in the Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches.
-Update the universal calendar project. 

Monday's Map: We're traveling with the angels!

-Highlight Eastern and Oriental Catholic parishes and their clergy.

-Update the map project. 

Talented Tuesdays: Eating better than St. John the Baptist! 

-Post homilies, lectures, interviews, and biographies related to art, architecture, music, culture, food, and running the domestic church.
-Highlight user submitted questions and solutions related to the domestic church.

Wednesday's Wages: Recalling that it was for only 30 silver shekels that Judas betrayed the Lord.
-Post homilies, lectures, interviews, and biographies related to past and present struggles faced by Eastern and Oriental Catholics including the topics of bioethics and persecution. 

Theological Thursdays: Breaking it down like the apostles!
-Post homilies, lectures, interviews, and biographies on diverse topics including history, theology, spirituality, and philosophy. 

Friday's Fast: Focusing on the cross.
-Post homilies, lectures, interviews, and biographies on topics such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and repentance. 

Social Saturdays: Chatting with the living. Praying for the dead.

-Post homilies, lectures, interviews, and biographies related to funerals, memorials, and prayers for the dead.
-Catch up and comment on others' blogs.

-Update the links page.
-Post prayer requests that I've received throughout the week.

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Eastern and Oriental Catholicism Universal Map Project

It's pretty simple really. I have questions. There are people out there who are much wiser and far more learned than me who have answers. This project connects those with wisdom with those who are seeking it.

I hope to grow this to a large network with many helping hands, each working in their field of expertise and calling. If you can offer assistance in any area large or small, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Other than that, it's simply by the grace of God.

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