Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Bible in the Domestic Church

Catherine Speaking at the Eastern Catholic Bible Conference
Photo by Nick Havrilla, Sr
I spoke at the first ever Eastern Catholic Bible Conference yesterday on the topic of the Bible in the Domestic Church. Several asked me for the recording or transcript of my talk and for a copy of the documents I referenced, so here they are!

The Bible In the Domestic Church Parts 1-4 (Full transcript)
Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of my talk combined into a single document for easy use.

Who is God?
Part 1 of my talk, covering the Trinitarian communion of God and the incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus

Who am I?
Part 2 of my talk, covering personhood and being and rebirth through Baptism, Chrismation, and the Eucharist

To What am I Called?
Part 3 of my talk, covering the vocations of celibacy and marriage and their associated spiritualities and communities

How Do I Live Out My Calling?
Part 4 of my talk, covering practical and attainable ways to grow within the domestic church, during which the below resources were mentioned

Resources for the Domestic Church
A short list of recommendations to share some of the options available out there to inform and support the work of the domestic church

When Eastern Catholics Commune at a Roman Catholic Mass Pamphlet
A single-page pamphlet addressing the most common questions and practicalities related to intra-Church communion including the canonical foundation, babies and young children receiving the Eucharist, and how the topic can be approached.

Byzantine Morning Prayer for Adults
A single-page morning prayer rule for adults which focuses on spiritual growth through the Byzantine tradition

Byzantine Morning and Evening Prayer for Families
A single-page morning and evening prayer rule for families which introduces the Byzantine tradition and encourages continued growth in a sustainable way

Byzantine Examination of Conscience for Married Parents, Married Adults, Single Parents, Single Adults, Clergy and Religious, Youth, and Children
A series of compatible examinations which encourage continued spiritual growth through the full life span, each on a single page and tailored to the needs of a different demographic.

Byzantine Examination of Conscience in a Visual Format (pictures)
A single-page examination that has a picture accompanying each point, followed by a series of cards that can be cut out (and laminated and/or placed on a ring if desired) to use one at a time, including the option of selecting only those that have been a challenge to take into Confession. Particularly helpful for pre-readers, those with learning differences or attention constraints, and those with disabilities.

Byzantine Rule of Repentance with a Byzantine Confession Guide for Adults, Simplified, and in a Visual Format (pictures)
A single-page prayer rule in preparation for Confession (most suitable for teens through adults) with a Confession guide for every age and ability, including a visual format which is particularly helpful for pre-readers, those with learning differences or attention constraints, and those with disabilities.

Morning prayer, evening prayer, rule of repentance, and Confession guide designed to optimize the prayers needed for Mass and the most popular Latin/Roman devotions, most to all of the prayers also on the list of indulgences.

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