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Ukrainian Holodomor

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Recalling that it was for only 30 silver shekels that Judas betrayed the Lord 

Running Man -
A Peasant Between Cross and Sword
Kasimir Malevich
There is great debate over the particulars of the Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомор). Was it an intentional artificial famine created by Stalin in order to force Communist collectivism on independent Ukraine? The unintentional result of the Bolsheviks' poor policy mixed with a poor harvest? Were Ukrainians specifically targeted for death or just coincidentally among the hardest hit? Just how many millions died? Did it even occur?

The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church cannot be understood without understanding the history of oppression that Christian Ukraine has endured. One haunting piece of that puzzle that today's Ukrainian Greek-Catholics might directly recall is the Holodomor, though there aren't many who survived it.

In Ukrainian, the word holod means "hunger", and mor means "plague". The expression moryty holodom means "to inflict death by hunger." This is the story of how atheistic Communism achieved that in 1930s Ukraine:

It looks like a YouTube playlist bug is not allowing part 1 to show below.
It is therefore posted above as a workaround while the rest of the video is below.

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