Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maafa 21: Genocide in the United States

Wednesday's Wages 
Recalling that it was for only 30 silver shekels that Judas betrayed the Lord 

Many Eastern and Oriental Catholics in the United States are direct targets of the American eugenics movement which seeks to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor and desires to create a master race of healthy, attractive, fair-skinned, educated, wealthy individuals of northern European descent. They taught Hitler a large part of his eugenics theories and practices and they remain active in the United States today. This explains their why and how.

At that time, they did shift over to what they called "the quality of life." It was a philosophy unquestionably used to target the poor simply because what the quality of life at its core meaning was that poor people really didn't have a reason to live. Only the white--those with status--had any chance of a "meaningful" or "purposeful" life. The solution for the poor now was not to eliminate the circumstances that would cause poverty. Their solution now was to eliminate the poor--eliminate the impoverished--and just wipe them off the face of the earth. -Clenard Childress (Northeast Director of Life Education and Resource Network) 
Wednesday's Wages are a series of posts which highlight past and present struggles faced by Eastern and Oriental Catholics including the topics of bioethics and persecution. Do you know of a homily, lecture, interview or biography which you think should be featured here? Leave a comment to let me know.  

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