Saturday, January 8, 2011

Social Saturdays (1/8/11)

It's Saturday! That means we're chatting with the living and praying for the dead.

Prayer Requests:
  • For the family of Gianna Caeli Henninger, an infant who died this week from complications due to Trisomy 18. She leaves behind her parents and seven siblings, among numerous other extended family. She joins 4 siblings who preceded her in death.
  • For an abused woman and mother, A, who is in desperate straits and in need of many prayers this week as she navigates police, courts, severe depression, and more.
  • For the souls and families of Elaine Dorko and Helen Boytim who died this week, as well as their parish family at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Marblehead, Ohio.
  • For the soul and family of George Michael Ritchey, as well as his parish family at St. George Melkite Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • For the soul and family of Father Constantine Brown of the Byzantine Catholic Church.
  • For Msgr. Sharbel Maroun who celebrated his birthday this week, that he may be blessed with many more years.
  • For Kat's family, including their current and future children, that they be guided in discernment and finances in their next adoption. (Kat has other prayer requests at the link.)
  • For all those affected by the Australian flooding, that the Lord provide for their needs.
  • For all who are persecuted for their faith, especially those in the Middle East. 
  • For Congresswoman Giffords and all who were hurt in an Arizona shooting rampage, that their physicians' hands be guided so that they may be restored to full health. For the souls of those who perished that the Lord may welcome them into His kingdom and for their families that the Holy Spirit bring them comfort and hope in their grief.
  • For all of our clergy, religious, and monastics that they be directed in strength, courage, patience, and fortitude to radically live God's will for their lives. 
  • For mothers, that they not abort their offspring; for infants in danger of being put to death in the womb; for a change of heart of providers of abortions and of their collaborators; for human victims of stem cell research, genetic manipulation, cloning, and euthanasia; and for all entrusted with the government of peoples, that they may promote the "Culture of Life" so as to put an end to the "culture of death."
  • For Your Word From The Wise and all who are connected to it, that it may bring glory to God.
  • For the intentions of those who are praying.
Do you have a prayer request you'd like to add? Please put it in the comment box any time this week so we can pray with you.

What's going on at Your Word From The Wise?
  • I added a new comment feature which allows commenting from multiple account types and not just Google accounts. It says it is installed and working, but it isn't showing up. Troubleshooting will be forthcoming.
  • I sent out a 1-question email request to a handful of people hoping for an easy aggregate post. No responses yet.
  • I updated the About page to include a schedule for posts, defining the focus of this project and giving names to each day which reflect the type of content that will be covered. Tuesday was a hard one to come up with! As promised, they are appropriately kitschy.
  • I sent interview requests to a handful of people, offering to tailor interviews to their areas of knowledge and interest. I heard back from one who is going to talk with me in a couple weeks. I will follow-up this week with phone calls to the others.
  • I heard from several people about topics or people they'd like me to cover. I was already able to incorporate two of those requests into interviews I was writing. (Do you have suggestions? I'd be grateful to hear them!)
  • I researched and wrote three interviews. I had a "little birdie" offer some much-appreciated musical knowledge to the research, for which I am very grateful. (5-10 minutes of information sharing made a huge difference. Do you have knowledge you could take 5-10 minutes to share?)
  • My hard drive suddenly and irretrievably crashed while I was working on the interviews. The last time that happened was when I was working on Your Word From The Wise videos. I thankfully had learned my lesson and was regularly making back-ups so I only lost a week's worth of work.
  • I re-wrote and sent out the three interviews.
  • I heard back on the two most involved interviews with positive results and am now coordinating those interviews. I'm excited! I think you will be, too! 


  1. I'm praying...I can't imagine what so many are suffering through. My heart aches.

    Can't wait to read the interviews. I would LOVE to dig in depth personally with some very cool people. Your inspiring me!!!

    P.S. I almost forgot to say just how very much we appreciate the prayers. God is moving and we can't wait to see where He leads!

  2. I was watching a video on a woman recalling her adoption from India yesterday and thought of you. I thought the part where she talked about the only question that mattered being why you wanted to adopt was interesting.

    The lady taking the video was doing much the same thing in researching and interviewing to really dig deeply into a topic. In her case, it was about Mother Teresa.

    I really feel honored and privileged to sit at the feet of so many wise and experienced people. I can appreciate in some small measure how Mary of Bethany must have felt sitting at the feet of Our Lord.

    We'll keep praying with you!

  3. For the Byzantine Catholic priest Constantine Brown who died last week- may his memory be eternal

  4. I will definitely add him to the list above and our prayers. Do you know what area he was from so I can look for the obituary?


I love comments. It lets me know people are reading and want me to continue the project!

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