Saturday, January 29, 2011

Social Saturdays (1/29/11)

It's Saturday! That means we're chatting with the living and praying for the dead.

Prayer Requests:
  • For Father Deacon Stan to be restored to full health so that he may more fully serve the Lord.
  • For the infant Gregory, and his parents and doctors, that he be restored to the fullness of health.
  • For a special intention, that the Lord bring healing and peace and His will be done in all things.
  • For Debra, that she be restored to full health.
  • In thanksgiving for the Walk for Life and all who safely and prayerfully participated.
  • For Christians in Egypt, Somalia, China, the Middle East, and around the world who are persecuted for their faith.

Continuing Prayer Requests:
  • For the souls of the reposed, especially of Kaye, Tim L., Mother Nadia Baranik, Fr. Constantine Brown, Elaine Dorko, Helen Boytim, and George Michael Ritchey.
  • For an abused woman and mother, A, who is in desperate straits and in need of many prayers.
  • For Kat's family, including their current and future children, that they be restored to health and guided in discernment and finances in their next adoption. (Kat has other prayer requests at the link.)
  • For Francisco and his mother who are surrounded by violence that the Lord protect them and give them hope and peace as well as guide them to jobs that allow them to provide for their needs and glorify Him.
  • For all of our clergy, religious, and monastics that they be directed in strength, courage, patience, and fortitude to radically live God's will for their lives.
  • For mothers, that they not abort their offspring; for infants in danger of being put to death in the womb; for a change of heart of providers of abortions and of their collaborators; for human victims of stem cell research, genetic manipulation, cloning, and euthanasia; and for all entrusted with the government of peoples, that they may promote the "Culture of Life" so as to put an end to the "culture of death."
  • For Your Word From The Wise and all who are connected to it, that it may bring glory to God.
  • For the intentions of those who are praying.
Do you have a prayer request you'd like to add? Please put it in the comment box any time this week so we can pray with you.

What's going on at Your Word From The Wise?

  • I left the project in God's hands as we faced a family medical emergency. He hasn't told me what He accomplished, but I assume it was pleasing to Him so I'm cool with whatever He did.
  • We're establishing a new norm at home and are getting back to work to bring you more Eastern Catholic wisdom straight from the horse's mouth!

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