Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy Ghost in McKees Rocks, PA

Monday's Map: We're traveling with the angels! 

Today we're flying over to McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, USA where you'll find the Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) parish of Holy Ghost.


The parish has Eastern Christian formation (religious education) classes every week, is surrounded with beautiful iconography and stained glass, and maintains a mission location in northern Pittsburgh. Their Sunday Liturgy is broadcast on WEDO and streamed online from 9-10 AM EST. They also maintain a presence on Facebook, which you can find here.

Their website has a wealth of information including numerous articles for those unfamiliar with the Byzantine Church or making a first visit. Check it out!

Liturgy schedule:
  • Saturdays until April 2011 4:00 PM (Anticipated Divine Liturgy--typically 6:00 PM)
  • Sundays 9:00 AM (Divine Liturgy)
  • Sundays 9:00 AM (Divine Liturgy broadcast on 810 AM WEDO)
  • Sundays 10:30-11:15 AM (Eastern Christian formation classes)
  • Sundays 11:00 AM (Divine Liturgy at mission location)
  • Weekdays 8:00 AM (Divine Liturgy)
  • Holy Days 9:00 AM (Divine Liturgy)

The parish is currently served by the following:
  • Fr. Frank A. Firko
  • An extremely proficient crew of altar servers, so I hear.

Monday's Map gives updates on the Universal Map project and highlights Eastern and Oriental Catholic institutions as well as those who run and serve them.


  1. You don't have my church on your map--horrors! St. George Byzantine Catholic Church in Aurora, Illinois, just two blocks from St. Michael's (yes, there's history there as well). Alive, thriving, praising.

  2. And, it looks like you're missing the skete on the Keewenau on Lake Superior. Cool map!

  3. Thanks! I'll get them added this week, God willing!


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