Contact me to offer help! Just a few of the areas in which help would be appreciated:

  • PRAY. Prayer warriors are very appreciated! Send me a prayer request and I'll post it on Saturday.
  • COLLABORATE. Contribute audio, video, or articles from clergy, religious, scholars, or others of particular interest on topics related to Eastern and Oriental Catholicism. Have a question or solution related to running your domestic church? Send it to me and I'll post it on Tuesday.
  • UNIVERSAL CALENDAR PROJECT. I'm looking for a partial or full list which gives the saints, fasts, and feasts commemorated by the Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches, separated by Church and date. My end goal is to have a widget-type program which lists all the liturgical calendars.
  • TRANSLATE. Translations for any audio, video, news, or articles that were done in another language into English.
  • SUGGEST. Recommend topics or people to profile. Books or other resources also welcomed.
  • MAP PROJECT. Add Eastern and Oriental Catholic markers to this Google map, or edit landmark info by adding parish websites, outside pictures, etc to the map. (Please don't add pictures or video from inside a church without the priest's permission. It could invite undue attention from thieves.)
  • TECH WORK & GRAPHICS. Any offer for technical advice or work would be welcomed. I don't even know what to ask for, so if you have an idea, please share it! I'd like to modify the blog's background image and would be grateful for any help on that.
  • VIDEOS. YouTube removed its groups feature. They say a new one will be forthcoming. In the meantime, they suggested I add the moderator feature to my YouTube channel as a way of amassing links of interest. Please consider recommending YouTube videos there. 
  • HOMILIES. Get your Eastern or Oriental Catholic priest's permission to record his homilies, cathechesis programs, etc in audio and/or video format. Post them on YouTube, GodTube, or another appropriate venue and I'll highlight them here.
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